Arturo Rodríguez

Marsh Harbor

Infill and Retrofit

Marsh Harbor is where all the tourists arrive and leave immediately.  It is unfortunate that it doesn't have anything to offer its tourism.  The need for infill and retrofit are tremendous.  One can see how its economy has been hit because of this.  This plan would inject Marsh Harbor with life and allow it to flourish in a way that locals would like.

The Mud

Shanty Town

To me this was one of the most interesting sub projects that we had.  This dealt with immigrants from Haiti to The Bahamas. Growing up in a world where this was spoken of, I took an interest at how we could help the Bahamian government deal with this issue.  These immigrants have created Shanty Towns on private and government land.  Some issues: No legal electricity, no plumbing, no streets, no addresses.  Another big problem they faced was a fire.  Firefighters could not get through to the fire because of the lack of streets.  The people thought they just wanted to let it burn, thus riots were an outcome.  There is no proper draining, hence the name "the mud."  One of our ideas was to have a Sanitation/Fire/Service courts that serve the public.  They also serve as public restrooms, garbage disposal and vegetable gardens.  I personally designed each service court and linked a plumbing system to a cluster of houses to each court.

Hole in the Wall


This eco settlement was designed as an alternative from the conventional hotels that employ people for only a certain amount of years before it gets too expensive to run a large hotel.  This is a wonderful place as an eco settlement.  It would be self sufficient and provide a very quiet place for tourists to come and enjoy nature.  These would be walkable places all connected to one another.  Designed to endure heat, hurricanes, and keep cool without the need of alternative energy.

Sands Cove

Retrofit & Infill

Created for residents of Sandy Point, Sands Cove was in need of retrofitting.  We placed a school in the vicinity because most children after 8th grade need to travel 45 minutes for school.  We placed a trail to connect the two places.  We also made it a walkable community and created more interesting streets.  We also placed a walk along the water.

Sandy Point

Infill Project

At the very far south end of Great Abaco Island lays Sandy Point.  Sandy Point is in need of Infill.  It's positioning is great for many activities for tourists.  Our plan, if incorporated, would help boost local economy and tourism.

Planning Abaco

Planning Abaco

Our very first Charrette that our class was a part of was taken place in Great Abaco Island, Bahamas.  We were given the task to revamp, greenfill, infill and completely design new communities.  We had a total of 7 small projects that made one big project.